What People Say

I am delighted with you all. Spike, my baby, arrived safely. There was no carelessness on the part of the pet cargo; they were always aware of what they were doing. They were always on call, even if there were a few hiccups. My son was at ease and relaxed.
Palmella G. Hamilton Ontario, Canada
Please be assured that Mark is a delight to have around; we adore him and are pleased with his progress in acclimating to his new surroundings. He's catching on to everything and has had very few mishaps around the house. He's sound asleep, which is wonderful.
Andrea C. Huston, Texas
This note is just to let you know how much we adore Kelle. She's a lovely young lady and a sharp cookie too. She can't wait to put her herding skills to the test on the farm's animals now that she's settled in. She is so well-behaved that we never need to restrain her with a leash when we take her for daily walks around the block while we are at work. I always get compliments from random people when I take her for a walk. Oh my goodness, I'm overjoyed.
Adriana M. North Carolina
Thank you for your assistance. Beautiful kitty. On the swings, she herds them! In her love of cuddling and exercise, she is exactly as you described her! She is simple to instruct. When things get stressful, Nanch can keep her head down and find ways to relax. Her beauty was the talk of Kitten School. This is also true for us. That makes me pleased. Here are some recent shots, as promised. I like Nanch because it is so small. I'd like to express my gratitude to you for our wonderful pet.
Shaniya F. OKC
Howdy! Our kitten has matured into a truly remarkable cat. You made a huge mistake estimating his intelligence. He picks up new information and skills at a lightning pace. Compared to Coal, he's light years ahead in the intelligence department. In spite of my desire to strengthen Kelly's and Edam's relationship with him by teaching and demonstrating obedience, I will refrain from doing so.
Elena B. California
My first impression of my husband's anniversary gift to me, "drey," was one of shock. Even in my wildest dreams, I never would have thought to create such a beautiful cat. The whole thing has been fantastic. Thank you for everything you did to help me win over my soul mate and give him the love of his life.
Eva D. Denver